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The Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)| image: Piotr Naskrecki


The Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)| image: Piotr Naskrecki

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Isle of Thunder

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Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 34, 35

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Why is anxiety a thing: the book

chapter one
“Why can’t I do simple things without feeling like I’m gonna puke”

chapter two
“This seriously isn’t that hard why am I crying”

chapter three
“I’m not lazy I’m just scared of failing”

Chapter four

“I’m anxious cause I keep messing up and I keep messing up cause I’m anxious”

Chapter five
“Talking to strangers on the phone more like sweating blood”

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  1. caitriamorrigan said: Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s so hard when it’s your first one.
  2. kindagiant said: So sorry to hear that :(


It seemed like he had SBD, but that’s not supposed to be fatal?  I mean, I know I made a lot of mistakes the first part of his life, and that his immune system was probably compromised because of it, but I just don’t understand how he died so quickly.  Reading more, it sounds like what he was doing was actually a death hang and idfk I don’t know what I did wrong.

Swim bladder can be fatal but only if the fish has had it for an extended period of time and his didn’t seem nearly severe enough for him to die. I had a roommate once with a goldfish that was upside dowbecause of his swim bladder and peas always fixed him for a few weeks before it would get bad again. He lasted for a couple years with recurring bouts of it. I feel like there was something else going on with Leviathan that wasn’t easily detectable.

You said he was on the small side; it could have been something genetic in that case and not anything you did or didn’t do. I would try not to blame yourself too much and just use the new information you have to make sure Eris is as healthy as possible. Unfortunately because of the ways they are bred some store bought fish have problems we can’t see in time to fix.

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Both of them are resting on pennywort and making bubble nests.  Eris has been doing this since he came home, but Leviathan just started this last night.  Usually he’s zooming around the tank (and doesn’t make nests), but now when he notices me by the tank he wiggles over then goes back to resting on the plants.

I changed the water yesterday and tested it with good results, and both temps are at 78.  Leviathan has no problem eating and was active this morning.  Eris ate flakes yesterday but refused pellets today.

Eris moves around normally, but it looks like Leviathan is really wagging his back fins like a dog.  Maybe I’m just noticing this because he’s been so still recently.  He’s a pretty active, wiggly fish otherwise.

Nothing I’m reading online is helping me!  It all says this is what bettas do, but it’s not typically what Leviathan has done before.  I wonder if he’s constipated.  SBD?  I don’t overfeed them, though, since I know their stomachs are only the size of their eyes.  

AHhjdsfoa will get peas and see if that helps.  Try to get him to poo :(  

And just…idk try to establish what normal is for Eris.  He seems a lot more chill than Leviathan.

EDIT: Made both of them move around.  Eris swam normally and did a patrol and FLARED AT ME >:(  Leviathan did a lap when I dragged my finger around the glass, and he still kept wiggling.  Going to fast him for a bit and do the pea thing to see if it’s constipation.  Also will be soaking all their food since I hadn’t done that before :\

EDIT2: Now that I think of it, I have been giving Leviathan more food.  I was doing one pellet a day until he was settled into his tank.  Then I upped it to two this week.  When I got Eris, I didn’t realize how little Leviathan was in comparison.  So I’m hoping it was that combined with me not soaking his food AND THAT IT IS EASILY CORRECTABLE AND HE’LL BE OKAY.

Hmm… well, bubble nests are good. It means he’s comfortable and happy. The sudden lethargy is concerning, but I think you have a good plan for helping him if there doesn’t seem to be anything physically wrong with him. I know peas helped my goldfish when they had swim bladder and I gave them to my bettas as a treat at the time. Some of them loved them and others refused to even try them. I don’t think two pellets a day is too much for him, but my girls are bigger and eat 3-4 each day; I never bother soaking them. It could be that he’s still too little for more. Maybe once you have him sorted you could slowly increase the number of pellets, two every few days and slowly increase the frequency. 

As for Eris refusing pellets, sometimes it takes a while for a betta to switch over. When I have a new fish that is used to eating flakes I give them some plus a pellet or two each day and eventually they start actually eating the pellets and I just slowly switch them over completely.

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holy legend of zelda ! … adorable baby ‘link’ …
pattern at:


holy legend of zelda ! … adorable baby ‘link’ …

pattern at:

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When someone says “Witches arent real. You’re just playing pretend.”



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